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Here is a simple breakdown of the
Stages to Therapy with BraveKey Therapy.

Stages to Therapy

Congratulations you've made it this far, now let's make sure that we are a great fit for your therapeutic needs!


Complimentary 15min Introductory Consultation

In this 15 minute consultation call, I'll answer any questions you have regarding therapy and gain general information from you to determine whether we are a good fit for therapy. The Free 15 minute Intro. Consultation can be booked here. Also, feel free to ask questions via contact form.

**Group Therapy Consultations are in three Steps, with Step 1 being the 15min Intro. Consultation to be booked here.**


Intake Stage

The Intake Stage is designed for me as your therapist to get to know your background and history. The Intake Stage typically lasts between 2-6 sessions, depending upon how quickly we proceed. During the Intake Stage, I'll guide the conversation much more than in the following  stages. In addition, I might include assessments to gain a better understanding of your current experiences and create a treatment plan for you.


Therapy Stage

Probably the most familiar Stage of Therapy is the Therapy Stage or Treatment Phase.  The Therapy Stage is where the 'talk therapy' magic happens as we focus on your therapeutic goal and further develop the therapeutic relationship in session. 


Termination Stage

The Termination Stage is the final phase of therapy. Once we've decided that the end to your therapy is approaching we will being this phase. During the Termination Stage, we'll discuss a Maintenance Plan for you to continue with your results from therapy in your life going forward. During every stage of therapy we are working at a helpful pace towards this final stage.


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