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Group Therapy

At this time groups for BraveKey Therapy are 18 and older!
Interested? Questions?
Click the link below; Select a STEP 1 Consultation time where we will explore the next steps in supporting you and your therapeutic journey!

  1. Young Adults Therapy Groups -Young women's group age 18-26.y it now!
  2. Co-Ed Adult Therapy Group - Mixed genders; adult's dealing with relational anxiety.
  3. Mood-Related Psychoeducational Group- For indivduals experiencing mood issues such as Bipolar I or II; Depression or Cyclothemia.
  4. Skills Based  Therapy Groups - For Adults to learn skills and new coping skills.
  5. Youth Therapy Group- Individuals aged 17 and under (Coming soon).

NIP : 228215
APA : 175634
KVK : 68323824

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